About Us

The Madani Institute is a center for policy research, consultancy, education and training. We provide various opportunities for individuals who are interested in raising their level of literacy in various areas of knowledge and expertise. Our Fellows come from a diverse background and they provide opportunities for learning and research collaborations as well as training courses and consultancy in the following areas:
  • Politics and Good Governance.
  • Food Security and Agricultural Development.
  • Shari’ah Compliant Products and Services.
  • Political Administration, Defense and National Securities.
  • Human Capital Development.
  • Digital Media, Communication and Cyber Security.
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development.

Our Vision and Mission


To be the leader in policy research, consultancy, education and human capital investment in Malaysia.


To train human capital capable of implementing national policies and insights.

Our Motto

Towards building a civil and knowledge society